The ability to defend oneself when treated unfairly or given little regard is a sign of Self-Respect, which is crucial for all interpersonal relationships. I’ve observed that sometimes, someplace, when we join something or any organization, our families or friends circle, we are treated poorly by others. It should not be done because respect for oneself comes first in life and because if we treat people well, they will treat us similarly.

Many girls or women have experienced this and have received poor treatment, yet they continue to smile and go about their business. Why? She stays silent when someone treats her poorly or makes her feel like she has low value because she has the ability to absorb it and handle the pain she feels inside.

Sharing some strategies for healthy self-respect that I typically believe in (oneself).

Never allow other people’s perceptions of you to control your thoughts and actions. Many individuals in our lives will make an effort to convince us that we are not excellent or that we are incapable of performing certain tasks. Guys, listen to yourself instead of other people’s opinions if they are preventing you from taking action. Therefore, listen to God, trust in him, and follow your heart to know what is right and wrong.

Never ever try to think or speak negatively about yourself: God created us, and since we were born into this world, there may be something unique about us. Consequently, try to say things like, “I am good, and I can do anything,” “There is something I can do well,” “I can do anything, and I will try my best to improve it,” etc. Therefore, never attempt to undervalue oneself.

Controlling your emotions: This is also a part of respecting yourself. Try to control your emotions because if you don’t, other people may leave you, which will make you feel more uneasy, and they may tease you, which will make you feel undervalued. Instead, try to control your emotions and become stronger because once you do that, no one will be able to disrespect you.

Increase your knowledge: At this point, you’re probably wondering how this will affect your sense of self-respect. If you have the right information, or you make an effort to learn new things or broaden your knowledge, people will respect you because they know you are knowledgeable about the subjects, whereas if you don’t, they’ll laugh at you and do their best to make you feel foolish.

Be a responsible person: Try to take ownership of your actions, take care of yourself, and complete all tasks on time. Responsibility is simply doing the right thing at the right time.

Be friendly to everyone and avoid making jokes about other people that can offend them.

Hang around with people that make you happy, who are positive, and who always respect others. By being positive and making others happy, you will be encouraging yourself.

Make wise choices.

Thank You

Isha Sethi

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