We all understand that depression is a mood condition characterized by a lack of interest in activities, sadness, and positive emotions. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that depression is most frequently caused in those 12 and older owing to stress, relationships, and a variety of other factors.

Depression can occur for a variety of causes, including difficulties sleeping, loss of interest in everything, accidental weight loss, low energy, feelings of loneliness, decreased sexual desire, thoughts of suicide or fleeing the area, inability to focus, headaches, and pain.

Women and girls are more likely to experience depression because they are forced to manage everything on their own, including relationships, professional roles, personal matters, domestic issues, and childcare. and the range is currently expanding daily.

In other words, we should strive to reduce stress and depression, and everyone needs love, family, friends, relationships, and happiness around them. Don’t try to overthink anything that doesn’t work; just let it be; everything will eventually work itself out. And make an effort to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and issues with someone. Try not to keep these things to yourself because doing so makes us sadder and may lead to depression.

Happy you, Happy all.

Thank you

Isha Sethi

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