Our mind is full of creativity do you know how?

We observe a wide variety of objects every day, and we begin to consider those that are associated with our emotions. With our lovely eyes, we take in everything we see everywhere we go, and many of the moments we spend with friends, family, or other people also leave an impression on us.

We travel wherever, and whenever someone smiles at us as they pass us by, we also smile back. Since then, we have been spreading smiles to many people. Our minds began to think that person is very cute, a smile is very nice, and it’s nice of passing a smile to someone.

Why do we smile automatically when tiny, adorable newborn smiles? We forget about everything and focus on playing with that little newborn baby because it makes us happy. This is how our brains, emotions, and life work. When we observe something horrible or upsetting, our minds are diverted because we are afraid. And as a result of that fear, we become frightened, which is why we used to say “I am very frightened.” This causes our minds to avoid the situation, which leads to phobias.

I’ll admit it; I’m afraid of reptiles. And I’m genuinely terrified by this. I yelled whenever I had snakes in my nightmares. Because I used to watch horror films and serials, I have this fear.

When we go for a picnic, movie, holiday excursion, or vacation time outing with family, we used to record all of the moments we used to have at that time. Why? Many things happen in our lives, some of which we remember and others that we do not. so that when we are bored or depressed, we can look back at those photos and recall all the happy moments. These emotions are all a part of our lives and have now become a significant part of who we are. When we are sad or angry, we weep and look at pictures of the person with whom we used to argue.

Children attend school, make friends, have fun with them and others, fight, cry, smile, participate, and stress over exams — all of these things have become a part of their daily lives, and it is from these experiences that they learn a great deal, make decisions about their future, choose their best friend, favorite teacher, and career goals, However, before starting school, parents instilled in their kids a number of lessons, such as: don’t fight with anyone, finish your homework on time, share your lunch with friends, respect your teachers, and don’t do anything naughty to risk getting punished. Parents are the first people we turn to for support and guidance because they want us to be safe and never have anything bad happen to us.

You must have noticed, and it may have even happened to you, that when children’s parents come to pick them up, a bright smile comes on their faces. Why does this happen? When children’s school is over, some children’s parents stand outside the school and wait for their children. They enjoy it because parents have the kind of love that requires them to embrace, kiss, love, and smile at their children. Mothers also smile as they wait for their children to arrive home safely from the bus or an automobile.

Love, life, feelings, scenes, and emotions are all a component of who we are. We all witness many things and many things occur suddenly, which is a tremendous shock to us. As a result of this shock, we enter the unconscious mind, where people only reflect on the sudden incident. There are many happy and sad moments in life, but we tend to focus on the sad ones because they make us wonder a lot and make us reflect on them. So guys, please try to focus on the happy moments rather than the unhappy ones because once something has happened, it cannot be changed. So always smileIt’s very fascinating how selfish people today are because they are always on their phones or laptops. They are only able to see their phones or laptops, which results in less leisure, less love, and health issues. We should set aside time for our friends, family, and anyone else we reside with. Take some time for yourself and do something that makes you joyful because happiness can extend your life; don’t be depressed all the time. Time goes by and it can’t be stopped, and by the time everything changes, we already have a lot to do in life. Guys, strive not to be so egotistical; instead, do something that will make you and others happy. Avoid doing work that causes harm to others or causes them to feel sad or furious. You’ll eventually develop a routine of feeling depressed, angry, or annoyed. We don’t get furious, but getting angry and being depressed have become habits for us.

Simply put, I want to encourage you to be joyful, to love who you are, to try new things, to keep smiling so that when you go somewhere, you can share your happiness with someone else, to avoid getting furious all the time, to avoid being hurried all the time, and to try to complete everything on time. Take time for everyone, but most importantly, give yourself time.

Be happy and keep smiling.

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