Being active continuously, or being energetic, requires us to be mentally alert. We will notice that very few people in our contacts appear to be active; now, ask yourself, how? This kind of person is hardly ever encountered in our daily lives thanks to their constant activity, closeness, and support. They make you smile and laugh, go out with you, and assist you with any issues.

It’s important to be healthy and active, but being energetic also means that we should be happy, spread happiness to others, and engage in activities that make us joyful, among other things.

In an episode of “Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashmah,” which I recently watched on television, there was a discussion about how we are all bored with our daily routines, which include getting up in the morning, going to work, returning home in the evening, having dinner, and going to bed. There is no fun in this. Then a man by the name of Jethalal remarked that his father always told him that whenever he felt this way, he should do something new. For example, he said that when he felt bored, he should dance with others, play games with friends, or go out and dine at a different restaurant. This will make you feel less bored and give you more energy.

To help us be as energetic as possible throughout our lives, I’ll discuss a few things we can do.

Try to thank God for the things you already have because, in general, asking God for things we don’t have isn’t a good idea. Instead, we should be grateful to God for the things we do have, such as a home to live in, hands with which to eat or work, the ability to speak and listen clearly, a laptop on which to work, and the presence of loved ones in our lives. This will help to calm our minds. I relate my story here, I struggle, but I give God thanks because I can walk, listen, and work. There are just as many people in this world that lack this much. Think about how we always place the blame for why we don’t have something.

Don’t Overthink, doing so will make you negative and prone to losing things often. It can also be harmful to your career.

Think Positively, telling yourself that everything will be fine, that I will be fine, and that he or she will be fine. Avoid criticizing others behind their backs or attempting to bring negativity into your life by remembering that it is said that whatever we think or say will eventually come to pass. If you criticize someone, they will feel depressed and unmotivated; instead, attempt to uplift them by speaking positively to them and in a kind manner.

Practice Meditation every day to relax your mind and sharpen it for work. (I’ll soon talk about meditation in the next topic.)

Try something new every day, and when you’re bored, play games, go out and hang out with friends, eat out, dine in, or play group games at work.

One more thing I would like to say try to forgive others, “Maaf krne se koi chota bada nhi hota”, aur maaf krne se apka mind bhi shant hoga aur jisko maaf kia uska bhi”. this is what we say in Hindi, its true, we all have one or two enemies in life, but we think I will not forgive him/her, I  will not leave them like this, what you will get after this, just think about it, what will you get, will you get back that friendship, will you get back that happiness, I am not saying about big faults, I am talking about small things, “Hum Choti baton pe naraz ho jate hai, phir baat tak nhi krte unse ” why?? Just try to calm down, control your anger

Controlling Anger, here is the keyword “anger” We attempt to get upset over tiny things, it’s wrong, talk with them calmly, and a person will undoubtedly listen to you, respect others, and give some worth.

Thank you all

Isha Sethi

Be Positive, and Happy and remember to be Energetic 

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